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How to use Synthetic Vision

Get an extra edge in your navigation with Aviator Assistant's Synthetic Vision module. In this tutorial, you'll learn how to use this advanced feature to enhance your situational awareness and make informed decisions while flying. Whether you're identifying terrain and obstacles or simply gaining a better understanding of your surroundings, our Synthetic Vision will provide valuable insights. Watch now and discover the benefits of this technology.

Using Synthetic Vision

1. - Accessing Synthetic Vision
Image showing the synthetic vision button
A. - To launch Synthetic Vision, press the synthetic vision button located on the top, left of the search bar.
2. - Synthetic Vision HUD (heads-up display) Explained.
Image showing synthetic vision HUD
1. Ground Speed in Knots2.Altitude
3. Magnetic Heading4. Attitude
3. - Synthetic Vision in Landscape Mode / Split Screen
A. - Enabling Synthetic Vision while in landscape mode will enable the split screen view with Synthetic Vision to the left and the Map View on the right, increasing functionality and situational awareness
Image showing synthetic vision next to terrain overlay in split screen
4. - Understanding Terrain Colors for Situational Awareness
A. - The terrain inside of synthetic vision is colored based on your aircraft altitude, so that you can easily identify hazardous terrain with improved situational awareness. You will see 3 different colors of terrain while flying: green, yellow, and red. Each
Hazard LevelColorDistance within
LowGreen1500 Feet
MediumYellow1000 Feet
HighRed500 Feet
B. - To change the Distance values for both Synthetic Vision and the Terrain Map Overlay, press the more button on the bottom right corner.
Image of the Aviator Assistant menu bar
C. - Then press User Preferences. Scroll down until you see Synthetic Vision / Terrain Options.
Image showing User Preferences settings menu inside of Aviator Assistant on a tablet.
D. - Each color can be set to a different distance. For instance, if you want Red to show when you are within 250 feet of terrain, edit the value for High(Red) and set it to 250. Now your synthetic vision and the terrain map overlay will be red when you are wi