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Aviator Assistant provides an excellent flight planning and filing solution. Integrating directly in to the air traffic control system to provide real time data and information, Aviator Assistant helps you Plan, Brief and File your flights and better communicate with air traffic control.

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Aircraft Management & Configuration

Easily manage and update your aircraft profiles, configure your aircraft type, category, standard equipment, performance information, glide ratio, emergency information and more.

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Route Recommendations

Get quick and easy access to route recommendations, preferred and optimized routes. Considering your aircraft's performance and ATC preferences.

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File your Flight Plan

Aviator Assistant makes filing your flight plan a breeze, syncing your flight plans and filing statuses between your devices allowing easy access wherever it is most convenient. We auto populate flight plan form fields based on information you enter while planning your flight and we send your information directly to ATC with no additional configuration needed.

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File IFR & VFR Flight Plans

Aviator Assistant files flight plans in the ICAO flight plan format and supports filing VFR & IFR flights to and from the USA, Canada, Mexico, Bahamas, and the Caribbean.

Activate, Ammend, Cancel, & Close

Activate or close VFR flight plans, and ammend or cancel IFR flight plans directly from Aviator Assistant. Aviator Assistant processes your requests directly with the air traffic control system.

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