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Understanding Map Settings

Elevate your flight planning experience with Aviator Assistant's map settings. In this tutorial, we'll explore all the options available to personalize your map. From dark mode to wind advisor, zoom controls to flight stats, learn how to get the most out of our app. Watch now and discover the power of tailored navigation.

Accessing Map Settings

1. - Click on the settings icon on the top bar
settings icon on top bar
2. - A quick access drop down window will appear, giving you the ability to change what you see on the fly.
map settings window
3. - To enable a selection, click on the toggle button – Green means enabled, white means disabled.
A. - Dark Mode – Lets you change Aviator Assistant theme to dark mode.
B. - Inverted Maps – Inverts the color of the maps, charts, and plates making it easier on your eyes while flying at night.
C. - Map Orientation – Switch between Map always facing North Up or Map always facing Track Center Up.
D. - Hide Flight Info / Stats - show/hide the Stats bar at the bottom of the map.
flight stats bar
E. - Hide Map Zoom Controls - show/hide the on screen zoom and route center buttons.
+ - route center buttons
F. - Auto-Hide Map Controls – Enabled, this will hide the top and bottom bar on Tablets only and will unhide if you touch the screen.
G. - Auto Zoom on Airport Selection – This will enable/disable zooming in on airports when you press them.
H. - Hold Ruler after Touch – When enabled, this will keep rulers on the map after letting go.
I. - Enable Wind Advisor – When enabled, the wind advisor widget will be displayed on the top right of your map.
wind advisor image
J. - Smooth Radar Data – When this is disabled, you will see the noninterpolated data straight from NEXRAD